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June “Ask the Experts” – Claims – What they mean to us, and what we can do for you.

22 June 2017

 Many people buy insurance but have very little idea of what they have purchased until something goes wrong. We take time to ensure you are correctly insured and we are there for you in event of a claim.

C – is for ‘Constant Updates’ 

At Hazelton Mountford we have an in house claims team who will take over your claim from the word GO. From the moment you report it, right up to the settlement, we will constantly update you, via phone or email with the progress of your claim. We understand that some claims can take longer than others and it is important to our clients that for those which take that bit longer, you aren’t having to constantly chase insurers for updates.

L- is for Loss Recovery Service 

We can assist with recovery of your uninsured costs i.e policy excess where a third party is at fault, loss of vehicle use. Using our knowledge and experience we are happy to pursue the third party insurers for your uninsured costs and outlay and if we can, this is without the need for the involvement of separate solicitors who require the same information that you have already provided us with, saving on time and avoiding confusion. 

A-is for Avoiding the Hassle 

Let us take the stress out of claims for you. As our client, you will have access to a dedicated Claims Manager to act on your behalf and to assist you through the claims process including liaising with insurer claims departments, loss adjusters, contractors and repairers. For Large complex claims, to further assist, we can offer a full loss recovery service which provides you with the services of your own Claims consultant/Loss adjuster.

I-is for Interruption Loss 

Business Interruption Losses are one of the more complex type of claims. If our client has suffered a loss that impacts their trading we will assist to ensure that the insurers are presented with the correct information so that our client is compensated appropriately for their losses.

M-is for Motor Claims  

These are the more common type of claims. The most important thing for a motor claim is to report it to us (or, if outside business hours, to your insurer) as soon as possible. This ensures that claim costs can be managed and mitigated as efficiently as possible. Basic as it seems –  but gathering as much information about the incident is paramount to an efficient claim progression and resolution. When it comes to motor accidents we have an arrangement with various high-quality vehicle body repairer who will sort out your repairs and provide a courtesy vehicle if possible, avoiding the hassle of relying on insurers own approved repairers, if preferred.

S-is for Settlement! 

We monitor all claims settlements for our client. We ensure the claim is settled as per policy wordings and most efficiently for our clients. We always review and question insurers claims settlement to ensure accuracy and correct payment for our client.

If you have any further queries or would you have an immediate requirement, please do call or email me using the contact details below.

David Webb – Claims Manager 01905 721251

Caitlin Bellamy – Marketing 01905 721255

Or the office line is 01905 611951

Alternatively you can email