Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas - Commercial Account Executive - Evesham

Mike Douglas

Account Executive - Cert CII

Mike Douglas joined the company in July 2021. He has been working in insurance since 2006 and specifically within Commercial Insurance since 2010 dealing with all types of commercial policies. The majority of his commercial insurance career has been in Sales but has also spent over 3 years in an underwriting capacity which he found invaluable to gain a better understanding on how policies are rated, how insurers access risks and uses this valuable knowledge to assist his clients in managing their risks. He also has experience in compliance and training.

Mike is now building his client account at Hazelton Mountford and providing the highest standard of service, coupled with the expertise gained over his career thus far.

Outside of work he lives in Gloucester with his wife and son. Is a keen golfer, Avid football fan, Movie lover and car enthusiast