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Sharing the updated staff benefits at Hazelton Mountford

21 February 2024

We are constantly looking for new talent to join our team and have recently updated our staff benefits to not only encourage new team members to join us but also reward the staff who have already signed up.

We believe our amazing staff are the key to our success and have built a range of benefits to give some extra rewards – as well as making our business a place where people enjoy working.

Gordon confirmed: “We want Hazelton Mountford to be a great place to work… as a result, we want to give you the best that we can…”

Martyn from Hazelton Mountford Jeffries presented the full package, including details about:

  • Enhanced pay: including MAT and sick pay, paid after probation (not two years)
  • Pension: Generous contributions after your probation 5% of your salary where you also pay 5%. Made better with experience After 2 years, HM double their contributions to 10% of your salary while you continue to pay 5%.
  • Life assurance: 3x your annual salary
  • Income protection: 75% pay until you can return to work, up to age 65
  • Extra support: WeCare, Tooth Fairy and myStrength
  • Private medical insurance (optional).

For more about careers at Hazelton Mountford, please give us a call or head to our dedicated page.

Sharing the updated staff benefits at Hazelton Mountford