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Planting new churches and faith communities – with Simeon Chapman

22 March 2024

Simeon Chapman, Director, has hands-on experience of cultivating new churches and faith communities across the country.

As part of a team who specialise in the complexities of the insurance requirements that new Churches and Faith Communities require, Simeon is in a perfect position to support others.

“My personal experience with new faith communities and planting new churches leads me to realise that the focus is often in a vision, with little thought for potential risks and protecting against them.”

Hazelton Mountford are Independent Insurance Brokers for New Churches and Faith Communities, as well as being 1 of only around 5% of brokers across the UK who are Chartered. Simeon’s hands-on experience of planting new churches and faith communities has helped countless communities.

And it doesn’t stop there, Simeon confirms: “All four of my children have been involved in planting new churches or supporting new churches in some way. I am really proud that I could support them with my understanding of the processes and infrastructure needed to evolve a new church into a solid foundation for communities across the country.”

Simeon urges anyone thinking of planting a new church to give him a call, so he can share his expertise with the complex insurance requirements that new Churches and Faith Communities require.

“Our experiences enable us to provide high quality insurance services to new communities. Hazelton Mountford have expertise for the Faith Community – we find that many faith groups simply make do with insurance that doesn’t fully meet their needs.

Start how you mean to go on with our bespoke approach, which enables you to access the various covers that churches and faith groups need to operate – from the very beginning.”

Access Hazelton Mountford’s expertise in tailoring bespoke insurance solutions for you, including:

• All Risks Cover -Trustees, Directors and Officers Indemnity

• Abuse Cover – Risk management advice

• Professional Indemnity – extension for counselling, training and mentoring

• Public Liability limits to £10million

Hazelton Mountford support newly planted initiatives from the very beginning, offering a free consultation with a team member who understands churches.

As a large Charity we have found Hazelton Mountford to be professional and thorough in understanding our needs. They have also managed our Claims effectively and efficiently” – Robert Millar, Ex Finance Director, Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance

For more information on how we can help you please call us or go to our dedicated page.

As seen online at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

Planting new churches and faith communities – with Simeon Chapman