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Despite the impact of Covid-19 Hazelton Mountford commit 100% to their team

28 April 2020

With insurance companies like Aon announcing that 70% of its staff are having a pay cut amid coronavirus uncertainties, we remain optimistic and able to 100% commit to our team.

Despite the recent report in The Insurance Journal about companies like AON making directors “take a 50% cut and 70% of staff having a cut” in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we vow to keep everyone in their jobs and pay 100% of wages.

Director, Gordon Hazelton, says:

“We’re in a strong financial position and 100% committed to our team. All of our staff will retain their jobs and even those who are furloughed are on 100% of their wages. Other brokers may be laying people off or reducing wages but Hazelton Mountford, despite having the same pressures on income, have decided to use cash reserves instead to support our team, through this difficult time.”

That said, we look forward to welcoming everyone back when the time is right too!

As seen online in County Lifestyle & Leisure Magazine.