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FNOL- Useful ways to reduce your fleet claims costs….

9 May 2017

One insurer has recently quoted that if a claim is reported more than 48 hours after the accident occurs, the average claim cost increases by £3,000.  The reason for this is that if your insurers are notified quickly, they can speak directly to any Third Parties that are involved, providing them with a hire car and medical assistance if required, rather than them going to expensive credit hire providers or accident management companies.  It also serves to add value to your brand as the fleet operator as they are likely to feel cared for by you.

Of course, it isn’t always as easy as this as you need to rely on your drivers to tell you as soon as they have had an incident, no matter how small or insignificant they think it is.  If you can stress the importance of this to them and make it part of their duty as an employee (or subcontractor) including updating your driver handbook, with perseverance it will become second nature and you are halfway there.

The other issue is that when a driver has an accident, do they report it directly to your broker / insurer, or should the information go through to your transport office first?  There could be further complications if the incident occurs overnight or at a time when the office is not manned.

There are lots of things to consider on this subject, Hazelton Mountford can work with you to tailor the right claims procedure that best fits with your working practices and enables accidents to be reported quickly.  We have bespoke FNOL solutions, including useful ‘driver cards’ depending on your insurer and fleet size.

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