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Hazelton Mountford show their appreciation of International Women’s Day

4 March 2020

We’re shining a spotlight on our remarkable female team members in celebration of International Women’s Day 2020.

PICTURED: L-R: Emily Adams, Jess Price, Trinny Gold and Lauren Hunt.

Ahead of 8th March, Hazelton Mountford, will be celebrating the annual awareness day that showcases the achievements of women across the globe while raising awareness of ongoing biases.

We’ll be reflecting on this year’s theme: #EachForEqual which will focus on how an equal world creates an enabled world.

To mark the day, Hazelton Mountford is sharing the compelling stories of the incredible women at the firm, and are extending our thanks to our female members of staff who are breaking the mould in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

One of these women is Emily Adams, who joined Hazelton Mountford in 2014 as an Administrator. Thanks to her skill and talent, she was quickly promoted to an Account Handler. Further development then saw her go on to become a Let Property Account Executive, a role which consists of client relationship management, sales, renewal management, and working with letting agents.

Talking about her role, Emily commented:

“I love that I’m able to build good relationships with my clients. I enjoy learning about their business and seeing how Hazelton Mountford can contribute to their growth.”

Another employee who has been inspirational since she started in April 2018 is Commercial Account Executive, Jess Price. Boasting four years of experience in the industry, Jess manages a book of Commercial Insurance Businesses, which involves searching for new leads from both new and existing clients.

Jess commented;

“I am grateful to the Directors at Hazelton Mountford for deciding to invest in me and give me this opportunity. I am continuing to learn, develop and grow in my role, and my favourite part of the job is getting out and meeting with clients. This enables me to build a solid understanding of their business and build on personal, long-lasting working relationships.”

Jess recognises that the insurance industry is generally considered to be male-dominated. However, in her time, Jess has not experienced barriers due to her gender or felt that being female would limit her opportunities.

Continuing, Jess said:

“I have never felt that as a female, I was inferior to anyone else who works within the industry, regardless of whether they were underwriters, development managers, CEOs or business directors. I strongly believe that if you work hard and want something enough, gender will not be a barrier, and that opportunities have been as the same for me as they have been for any of the men I have worked with.”

One of the newest members of the team is Lauren Hunt who joined us in January this year. After growing up on a farm in Pershore, she’s always enjoyed being part of the local community and took up previous roles in the agricultural, farming and hospitality sectors.

Excited about the prospects of starting a new career at Hazelton Mountford Lauren, commented:

“When I started, I was looking forward to bringing my experience in these sectors to my new role at Hazelton Mountford. But now, my sights are set on building a network out of our new office in Evesham.”

Although numerous people celebrate International Women’s Day, there are also a number of people who feel that the day evokes a negative perspective on women.

Trinny Gold from Hazelton Mountford comments;

“While I appreciate it’s an opportunity to celebrate womanhood and women in the workplace, it does strike me that if there were to be an International Men’s Day, the same focus wouldn’t be bestowed on a man. This, by default, sets women out as inferior and in need of greater or different attention.”

“If I’m totally honest, I would go as far as to say that as women, this is something we should actively stop doing. I also believe there is a general misconception of sexual discrimination towards women in the insurance industry. I have 30 years’ experience of working in largely male oriented roles, both within the motor sector and insurance, and I have only ever received positive treatment from my male contemporaries.”

“So, on International Women’s Day I would like to say thanks to all the men who have accepted me as an equal.”

Gordon Hazelton, Director at Hazelton Mountford, added:

“We actively encourage and promote our female team members within our organisation. The fantastic things that our female members of staff have achieved must be commended. Although gender equality is still some way off, by drawing attention to our incredible female team members, we hope to raise awareness against bias and take action to promote equality. I would like to personally thank each of our female members of staff for their contributions and the difference they make to our business daily. Hazelton Mountford recognises that staff are their most valuable asset and celebrating their achievements is vital. As a result, we are committed to their development and wellbeing.”

As seen in County Lifestyle and Leisure Magazine and online at The Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.