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Husband and wife team enjoy a warm welcome at Hazelton Mountford

15 June 2020

Mike and Judith Wilson, a highly experienced team, join Hazelton Mountford with over 60 years insurance experience between them.

The couple have lived in the county for the last 23 years and set about creating a harmonious work-life balance, with a home in Diglis and an office on The Cross in Worcester city centre, 11 years ago.

Mike and Judith entered the insurance industry at 16 and had obtained their professional qualification by their early 20’s. They are both Chartered Insurance Brokers, which compliments their new home with us at Hazelton Mountford – the only independent Chartered insurance broker in the city.

Whilst Judith’s career was equally split between Insurance companies and insurance brokers, Mike after an initial 5 years with insurers, has spent the last 38 years working as a commercial insurance broker.

Judith and Mike are well known around the Worcester scene and are looking forward to taking their clients along with them as they embark on a new journey with Hazelton Mountford. All parties recognise the synergies, professionalism and benefits that will be enjoyed as a part of the amalgamation and the ongoing plan for expansion.

Judith says:

“These are exciting times. Hazelton Mountford are an extremely professional company that echo the customer focussed ethos I have always striven to provide, I look forward to our collaboration going forward.”

Mike agrees:

“In these uncertain times it’s good to find certainty and a bedrock to build the future on. I’m absolutely convinced that Hazelton Mountford represent a positive future, for us and our clients, based on core values of integrity, service and professionalism at all times.”

Gordon Hazelton, Director at Hazelton Mountford, says:

“We’re delighted to welcome Judith and Mike to the Hazelton Mountford team. They both join us with a great deal of experience and we look forward to a long, working relationship. We celebrate our successes together and plan a special welcome to them both, when lockdown measures allow and we return to the office.”

If you’d like more information about Hazelton Mountford, please contact 01905 611951 for a chat.