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I continue to offer the first class claims service to our clients – David Webb, Hazelton Mountford.

11 June 2020

We continue to look at how the team are managing during lockdown. Today we hear from David Webb, our Claims Manager, who continues to offer the first class claims service, despite the challenges. David says:

Working from home is sometimes a challenge but I find by keeping to my normal worktime routines I can make it all manageable. It’s important to me to define work and home time. Also communication with colleagues via Zoom and M S Rooms is important to maintain the excellent HM team spirit – and for one’s sanity!

I have found the provided technology – phones, computer  and remote working to be good  – and this has enabled me along with my colleague Graham to continue to offer the first class claims service to our clients.

Some of the claims reporting process are a little slower as many insurers are only accepting claims notifications via email not phone – but these process are evolving and now the impact on customer service is now minimal. As well as reporting new claims we are continuing to service our existing claims.”

If you have a question about claims or a wider query regarding insurance, please give the team a call on 01905 611951 – we’re happy to help.