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It’s times like these where we can really prove ourselves to our clients – Jess Price, Hazelton Mountford

14 April 2020

It’s great to keep in touch with everyone, via MS Teams or Zoom, whilst we all work remotely.

We’re staying up-to-date with each member as they work well from home and hear from Jess Price, Account Executive, to catch up on her latest news:

“I’m still here, smiling and working as hard as I can for my clients. Times are very tough at the moment, but we are doing everything we can to support our client’s remotely. It is times like these where we can really prove ourselves to our clients, by behaving in the most professional and caring way for those who are finding these times very difficult.

This is the first time I have worked from home, and I am certainly missing all the office banter. We are one big family at Hazelton Mountford, so it’s hard being away from everyone, but we have been keeping in touch through the many different methods such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. It is really important to keep the mind occupied, so I have found plenty of gardening jobs which I have been working on, along with other bits and bobs which I would normally put off!”

We look forward to catching up with more of the Hazelton Mountford team next time.