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Prospecting brings positive face-to-face results

19 July 2022

Door knocking has been an under-used sales technique for quite some time.

Since Covid hit, and before, the art of face-to-face prospecting has been set aside in preference to utilising digital methods like Zoom calls, eshots and social media marketing.

However, Director Simeon Chapman and new recruit Laurence Cooper went back to basics with some old school prospecting in Droitwich last month.

The duo spent 2-3 hours knocking on doors at an Industrial Estate in Droitwich, with some great results.

They gained 17 leads, 1 of which has already provided a positive outcome.

Laurence says: “I had a great time, learning from Simeon and meeting people who were really happy to chat. We both look forward to doing it again sometime.”

Simeon agrees: “Old school techniques suit me and there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to face-to-face chats.”

If you’d like to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the Hazelton Mountford team please contact Simeon and Laurence directly by calling 01905 611 951.

Prospecting brings positive face-to-face results