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20 November 2018

Worcester’s only independent chartered insurance broker took part in a special awards ceremony last week at one of the oldest racecourses in the country.

Hazelton Mountford – based in Bank Street in the city – presented the ‘Trainers Championship’ award at Worcester Racecourse with prizes for the leading trainer and runner up, as part of its sponsorship deal.

The award was presented to Alcester trainer, Dan Skelton for the first time.

The contest ran from Thursday 10 May – the racecourse’s Opening Fixture – until Wednesday 24 October.

Trainers received 10 points for a win, 5 points for a second and 2 points for a third place.

In 2017, the contest was won by Jonjo O’Neill, with Dan as runner up.

Dan finished well in the lead this year, with Peter Bowen in second place and local Claines trainer, Dr Richard Newland, in third.

The award was made by Hazelton Mountford Account Executive and equine insurance expert Lee Summers.

Dan received a £500 voucher for Hazelton Mountford insurance services and Peter Bowen a £250 voucher.

Jenny Cheshire, Executive Director of Worcester Racecourse said : “We are delighted that the Hazelton Mountford 2018 Leading Worcester Trainer Championship has been won by Alcester trainer, Dan Skelton for the first time.  Dan has been a great supporter of Worcester since he took out his trainer’s licence, running multiple horses at the track.  We are also very grateful to Hazelton Mountford for their sponsorship of this contest, which has been fiercely fought throughout the summer racing season at Worcester.”

Hazelton Mountford is the official sponsor of The Owners, Trainers and Annual Members Bar at Worcester Racecourse.

The sponsorship deal came into effect in May this year.

Lee Summers, Account Executive and Hazelton Mountford’s equine insurance expert said : “We have had a fabulous season sponsoring The Owners, Trainers and Annual Members Bar at Worcester Racecourse.  Presenting the awards and being part of such an enjoyable event has been of real benefit for us and we look forward to continuing our sponsorship when the season starts again next year.  We would like to congratulate both Dan, Peter and Richard on their success.”

The company – which was launched by Gordon Hazelton and Jake Mountford – has seen phenomenal growth since it first opened its doors in 2008.  From small beginnings, the company now employs 30 employees across its three companies within the group.

The company – which provides insurance in a number of sectors including business, property, transport and equine – works with a range of clients from small local charities to international corporate organisations.

Hazelton Mountford’s bespoke equine schemes include horsebox insurance, liability and property insurance for racehorse trainers and livery yards.

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For more information please contact Lee Summers, Account Executive of Hazelton Mountford on 01905 721 240.