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Transport and Haulage Services Portfolio

16 February 2022

Hazelton Mountford have a ‘Transport and Haulage Industry Services Portfolio’ that contains sample documents which highlight industry expertise, safety solutions and risk management tools.

We will share these with you over the coming weeks. For now, we ask:

Are your drivers compliant with transport laws and regulations?

It is crucial for you to ensure that your drivers are complying with transport laws and regulations on their routes. Whether it’s failing to update company vehicles or drivers skipping their rest periods, non-compliance can result in serious consequences. We can offer you the latest in transport regulations, as well as top compliance tips with our library of resources, including industry-related news briefings and regulatory updates.

Do you have the proper risk management strategy in place to protect your transport business?
There are significant risks that require proper management techniques in the transport industry. We can help you implement an effective risk management strategy and find the right cover for your business with our various safe driver guides, employer-facing risk management documents, sample workplace policies and detailed checklists.

How does your broker help you support and reinforce health and safety throughout the year?
Safety isn’t the responsibility of a single employee or manager—everyone at your business needs to be on board if you want to experience the benefits of a safe and healthy workplace. Pair our industry-specific safety manual and employee-facing documents regarding best practices to ensure your employees stay healthy and safe

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Transport and Haulage Services Portfolio