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Hazelton Mountford celebrate double success with Diplomas in Insurance

15 February 2022

Two of the Hazelton Mountford team have successfully completed their Diploma in Insurance giving the local firm something to celebrate.

Both Ellie Jones and Emily Tunstall completed their Diploma in Insurance last month. The Diploma not only brings the local Chartered Insurance company something to celebrate but also strengthens the team’s technical knowledge and understanding of the more complicated areas of insurance.

Jake Mountford, Director, says that: “by completing these extensive qualifications both Emily and Ellie will add further expertise to the already extensive technical knowledge within our team, in turn to help our clients with more in depth queries when the need arises.  This qualification is no simple task, taking on average between 3 and 4 years to complete.  Huge congratulations to them both for their hard work and just rewards.”

Both Emily and Ellie are extremely proud to have been able to complete the studies whilst working full time and offer the leadership team at Hazelton Mountford their appreciation for continued growth and learning.

Emily says: “Hazelton Mountford have been very supportive and encouraging to us both and we’re very grateful to them for this. We are now very qualified within the company and will be able to help other members of staff who chose to take on further qualifications.”

Emily continues: “I’m so pleased to have completed my Diploma, it’s taken nearly 4 years and a lot of determination to finish the exams but it’s worth the stress now it’s all over. After completion of the Diploma I have gone to a Senior Account Handler position, and I’m really delighted with the progression in my career. I’ve found my knowledge and confidence strengthened by completing the exams, but I did struggle with some areas so the advice and support I got from the Directors was invaluable. I’m really proud of myself and Ellie – the hard work has paid off.”

Ellie, who started her career as an apprentice at Hazelton Mountford when she was 17, agrees: “I am really proud of how far I have come since then to now be a Senior Account Handler. I’d already completed my Certificate in insurance and now I have the Diploma as well, so I’m really grateful for the opportunities Hazelton Mountford have given me over the years. I’ll certainly be glad to have a break from all the books and studying!”

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As seen online at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

Hazelton Mountford celebrate double success with Diplomas in Insurance