Hazelton Mountford work with Letting Agents all over the UK to ensure that their tenants are referenced quickly and fairly. We can also provide you with your Contents Insurance for your new home. Our policy is bespoke and designed to cover everything that you will want it to and even the things you might not have thought about!

Tenant Referencing


Once you have been submitted for referencing by your Letting Agent and you have filled in your online application form your referencing process begins. You will be looked after by a member of the HM Referencing Team who will verify your income,
credit score, employment reference and landlord references. You may be asked for additional information and evidence such as bank statements, payslips and copies of your contract so it is a good idea to have these handy in case you are asked for them.


Hazelton Mountford Referencing FAQ's

  • How long will the referencing process take?
      The average period to obtain and verify all references and information is 3 working days.
  • I haven’t handed in my notice yet to my current landlord, do you need to contact my current landlord?
      Yes, we will need your most recent landlord reference to complete your referencing application.
  • Why do I need to provide 6 months bank statements?
      This helps us to confirm your most recent income, it is also a requirement that has been agreed with your letting agent.
  • I forgot to upload documents to the form. How can I get them to you?
      You can send them to us via email – referencing@hazeltonmountford.co.uk
  • I am about to start a new job. What do you need?
      A contract and/or official offer letter. We will try to obtain a reference from your new workplace, but some companies won’t give references until the new employee has started so providing evidence will speed up your referencing process.
  • I don’t think my credit is very good. Will this affect the application?
      We will perform a credit check. If we find a Count Court Judgement (CCJ) or IVA, we will need to see that it is being dealt (such as being paid or disputed) if you do have adverse data then you will also require a guarantor to pass.
  • What if I don’t pass referencing?
      Your letting agent may be happy to add a guarantor to your application. They would need to be a UK homeowner with a UK income of 3x your annual rent. To add a guarantor to your application please speak to your letting agent about this.
  • When the referencing has been completed, what’s the next step?
      You will be contacted by your letting agent regarding the next steps of your property move.

Tenants Contents Insurance


Have you Rented before? Do you know what type of Insurance you need and what is available for you? Accidents can happen and when renting a property, you need to make sure that everything is covered.

Hazelton Mountford’s specialist Tenants Contents Policy gives you peace of mind when renting a property. It not only Protects your own contents such as your TV, clothes and sofa but also your Liability to your landlords’ buildings and contents.


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Hazelton Mountford's Bespoke Policy Features

  • £50,000 contents cover including Accidental Damage to things such as TV’s, laptops, tablets and furniture.
  • Worldwide Personal Possessions cover including mobile phones, laptops, jewellery.
  • Tenant Liability including accidental damage to carpets, fixed glass and mirrors.
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Replacement Locks


Polices start at as little as £9 per month.

Special discounts applied when you use your agents code!


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If you would like to speak to us about the cover we can provide, please call us on 01905 721269 or e-mail contents@hazeltonmountford.co.uk