Tenants Home Contents Insurance

Hazelton Mountford work with Letting Agents all over the UK to ensure that their tenants are referenced quickly and fairly. We can also provide you with your contents insurance for your new home. Our policy is bespoke and designed to cover everything that you will want it to and even the things you might not have thought about!

Tenant Contents Insurance

Have you Rented before? Do you know what type of Insurance you need and what is available for you? Accidents can happen and when renting a property, you need to make sure that everything is covered.

Hazelton Mountford’s specialist Tenants Contents Policy gives you peace of mind when renting a property. It not only Protects your own contents such as your TV, clothes and sofa but also your Liability to your landlords’ buildings and contents.

Polices start at as little as £9 per month.

  • £50,000 contents cover including Accidental Damage to things such as TV’s, laptops, tablets and furniture.
  • Worldwide Personal Possessions cover including mobile phones, laptops, jewellery.
  • Tenant Liability including accidental damage to carpets, fixed glass and mirrors.
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Replacement Locks

Special discounts applied when you use your agents code!

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